Classic City Vibes

Seline Haze and Mind Vomit

November 09, 2021 Athens Regional Library System Season 2 Episode 10
Classic City Vibes
Seline Haze and Mind Vomit
Show Notes

This week  we are joined by local rapper Seline Haze.  Seline is a healer through music and an unapologetically carefree black woman. Since a child, Seline has always had a love for the arts. Using poetry as a coping mechanism and to heal her own depression and anxiety, her poetry evolved into music after she fell in love with the craft.

She brought with her as special guests three of her Mindvomit members: Jamee Cornelia, jimmy., and Blvcklvrd.  It was a great conversation.  Warning this episode contains explicit language.

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Jamee  Cornelia